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Announcements & Memos

Please check back here regularly for memos, updates, and announcements concerning the State Fire Marshal's Licensing section.

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Announcements & Press Releases

Licensing Section Changes - Effective January 1, 2007:

Laws referencing these changes are listed now listed on the Laws page. Be sure to also view the memo, New law enacted (R.S. 40:1664 et seq.).

New forms, applications, and other information can be found on the Complete Licensing Packet page.

Press Releases

Press Release of Appointments to the Life Safety and Property Protection Advisory Board
Issued: 12.05.13

State Fire Marshal Issues Fines to Unlicensed Security Alarm Employees
Issued: 06.28.13

New law enacted (R.S. 40:1664 et seq.) Affecting Locksmiths, Closed Circuit Television System Contractors, Electronic Locking Systems Contractors, Fire Protection and Sprinkler Contractors
Issued: 09.20.06

RECALL: Chrome-plated Automatic Fire Sprinklers Bear Counterfeit UL Mark
Issued: 10.04.06

Emergency Licensing Guidelines
Issued due to Hurricanes Katrina & Rita


dot 2016 Memos

pdf Licensing Procedure
Issued: 8.24.16

pdf Daycare
Issued: 8.24.16

pdf Flooded Structures
Issued: 8.24.16

dot 2015 Memos

adobe acrobat Licensing Section Memo 1-2015: Revised LSPP Policy and Procedures Guidelines/Upcoming Training Deadlines

dot 2012 Memos

adobe acrobat Licensing Memo 2-2012

adobe acrobat Licensing Memo 1-2012

dot 2011 Memos

adobe acrobat Multiple Year License, Property Protection Rules, Revised LSPP Policy & Procedures Guidelines

dot 2009 Memos

adobe acrobat Licensing Memo 3-2009: Life Safety & Property Protection Initial Certification Requirements
07.21.09 | Replaces Licensing Memos 2-2008 and 3-2008

2008 Memos

Licensing Memo 1-2008: Sprinkler Inspector Competency Requirements

pdf Licensing Memo 2-2008: Life Safety and Property Protection Continuing Education Requirements

2007 Memos

Licensing Memo 1-2007: Life Safety and Property Protection Advisory Board

Licensing Memo 2-2007: Life Safety and Property Protection Continuing Education Requirements

Licensing Memo 3-2007: New Fire Protection Rules

Licensing Memo 4-2007: Licensing Requirements

Licensing Memo 5-2007: Licensing Requirements

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