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Family Child Day Care Homes

The information found on this page concerns Family Child Day Care Homes, which are those caring for no more than six (6) children.

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A Family Child Day Care Home is allowed to care for no more than six (6) children.

Financial assistance can be applied for through either the:

The Department of Education will give you the requirements necessary to register with their programs. All correspondence and/or communication should go through the sponsoring agency. After you meet their requirements, the prospective office will send in the application for a State Fire Marshal to inspect the home. The purpose of this inspection is to insure that the home meets basic fire, safety, and sanitation standards that are required of Family Child Day Care Homes (as specified by R.S. 40:1563.2 and the provisions of 42 U.S.C. 1766 and the regulations promulgated there under 7CFR 226 et seq.).

An inspection fee of $30.00 is required before the inspection can be scheduled. The fee is required to be sent in the form of a money order made out to the Office of the State Fire Marshal and to be attached to the application for inspection. Once the Office of State Fire Marshal receives the application, the inspection is scheduled to be completed within a month's time and the inspector advises the provider's sponsor of the date of the inspection.

Fire Safety Standards Checklist


The following is a list of the standards that the home must meet in order to pass the inspection:

Louisiana Family Day Care Home Food Program (CCAP)
Approval Requirements Checklist

  1. Matches, lighters, and other sources of ignition are out of reach of children.
  2. Portable electric heaters are of an approved type, equipped with a tilt switch, and located away from combustibles.
  3. The residence has at least one smoke detector which is properly installed, located, and maintained.
  4. Protective receptacle covers are installed in all areas occupied by children less than 5 years of age.
  5. Every room used for sleeping, living, or dining purposes has at least two (2) means of escape; at least one being a door or stairway which provides a means of unobstructed travel to the outside of the building.
  6. If the residence has jalousie windows not meeting size requirement or no windows installed, it may not be used for sleeping during any hours of child care.
  7. If the residence has burglar bars installed, the burglar bars have either release latches or keys in the locks during all hours of child care.
  8. If the residence has double-keyed dead bolt locks installed, the locks have the key inserted in the lock on the egress side of the door during all hours of child care.
  9. Wiring, fixtures, and appliances in the residence are safe.
  10. The residence has adequate lighting and ventilation.
  11. Every closet door lock is designed to permit the opening of the locked door from inside the closet.
  12. Every bathroom door lock is designed to permit the opening of the locked door from the outside in an emergency, and the opening device is readily accessible.
  13. Stairways are maintained and free of storage items.
  14. The temperature of the refrigerator is at or below 40°F. (Thermometer must be left in refrigerator for at least ten (10) minutes to achieve an accurate reading.)
  15. The residence is clean and free of insect and rodent infestation.
  16. Garbage is disposed of properly.
  17. The residence has an adequate water supply and a working sewerage system.
  18. The water heater is properly installed *Gas Unit is properly vented* *Electrical Unit is properly wired* If a door is removed from  closet containing a gas water heater, a barrier across the closet opening remains in place during all hours of child care.
  19. Un-vented, fuel-fired room heaters are used only in rooms in which a window is raised.
  20. Flammable liquids are stored properly.
  21. Combustibles are stored away from heating units and water heaters.
  22. A properly charged portable fire extinguisher (minimum 2A:10B:C) is readily accessible *Must be Certified by a Fire Extinguisher Company Yearly*

The official Louisiana Day Care Home Food Program Preapproval form is available through the Department of Education.

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