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Louisiana Fire Service Equipment Exchange

Louisiana Fire Service Equipment Exchange - Google Group


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This group was created to provide a means for the fire departments of Louisiana to help each other with a shared medium for buying, selling, trading and/or donating fire service equipment between fire departments in Louisiana.

The service is provided via a Google Group. You DO NOT have to have a Google email (gmail).  You set up a Google account that you associate with your current email address so you can access the Exchange (view and post ads) and receive email notifications of postings.

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For more information on how to use this group contact Lt. Katie Battaglia at the SFM Office at 225-925-4911 or katie.battaglia@la.gov

The Exchange is meant for Louisiana Fire Service ONLY. Non-Louisiana fire service and/or commercial solicitations will be removed and the user blocked from the group.

pdf Louisiana Fire Service Equipment Exchange User Manual

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This page was last modified on September 12, 2022