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Please check back here regularly for updates and announcements concerning the State Fire Marshal's Plan Review section.

Interpretive Memoranda

Click here http://sfm.dps.louisiana.gov/sfm_interp.htm for a complete list of Interpretive Memoranda published by this office.

Adoption of 2012 Life Safety Code and 2012 IBC

Effective January 1, 2014, the plans and specifications for every structure built or remodeled in the state of Louisiana must be drawn in accordance with the requirements of the 2012 Edition of the Life and Safety Code (excluding Chapter 5 and all TIA's) of the National Fire Protection Association and also in accordance with the requirements of the 2012 Edition of the International Building Code (Chapters 9 and 10). See Memorandum 2014-01 for more information:

pdf Memorandum 2014-01


This office has received numerous requests for variances to code required locking arrangements in reaction to the recent outbreak of violence occurring in schools nationwide. The intent of this memo is to address the current unprecedented security needs of our educational system and the economic hardships associated with retrofitting existing hardware installations. Specifically, this memo addresses requirements that will allow for one additional releasing operation on existing classroom doors. Read more here:

pdf Formal Interpretation 2013-01


Effective January 1, 2013, one of the major thresholds for requiring sprinkler systems in Group A-2 Assembly occupancies was increased from 100 occupants to 300 occupants. In a vote taken by the Louisiana State Uniform Construction Code Council (LSUCC) in December, the International Building Code (IBC) Section 903.2.1.2, 2. was amended in order to provide relief to buildings in this classification. Buildings that are intended for food and/or drink consumption are classified as A-2 occupancies and are affected by this change. Please note that the additional criteria requiring sprinkler protection still apply, (such as "fire areas that exceed 5,000 square feet; fire areas located on a floor other than the level of exit discharge; bars with live entertainment, dance halls & nightclubs, miscellaneous other circumstances). Also, a few other structural modifications / reinstated allowances were included in the vote. The full notice can be viewed here:



After consulting with the Office of Louisiana Rehabilitation Services, the Office of the State Fire Marshal may grant appeals from full accessibility on a case by case basis where a suitable equivalency is offered. The appeals indicate an exemption to the requirements to comply with state regulations and do not guarantee or attempt to circumvent compliance with federal law.

Application for appeals can be found here:


On October 1, 2011, the Office of the State Fire Marshal began reviewing under and enforcing the new 2010 ADA-ABA Accessibility Guidelines as mandated by state law.  

In order to accommodate typical design lead times and project schedules, our office will allow a 6 month ‘grace period’, whereby a project may be submitted for review under the previous ADAAG (94 edition) if accompanied by a written request at the time of submittal.  The documentation should clearly indicate the reason that a review under the previous code is being requested.

NOTE:  The ‘grace period’ will end on March 15, 2012, at which time the federal government has mandated that all new construction shall comply with the 2010 ADA-ABA Accessibility Guidelines.

Release Date of Updated ADA Rules
Posted 10.18.11

The following excerpt is from the Department of Justice ADA homepage.

1. EffectiveDate. The rule will become effective six months after publication in the Federal Register. Eighteen months after publication, compliance with the 2010 Standards are required for the new constructions and alterations. In the period between the publication date and compliance date, covered entitles may choose between the 1991 Standards and the 2010 Standards. Covered entitles that should have compiled with the 1991 Standards during any new constructions or alterations of facilities or elements, but have not done so by 18 months after the date of publication of the final rule, must comply with the 2010 Standards.

ADA Rules

Plan Review for DHH Health Care Facility Licensing Requirements:
Posted 09.22.11

The Office of the State Fire Marshal is now providing plan review for determination of compliance with the Health Care facility licensing requirements on behalf of the Department of Health and Hospitals. All facilities that require a plan review prior to licensure by DHH must be submitted to the State Fire Marshal prior to application for licensure. The memorandum and the plan review checklist can be viewed here: Formal Interpretation 2011-06

Act 391 of the 2011 Louisiana Regular Session becomes effective on August 15 of this year. It involves code enforcement for fire protection and egress systems in commercial buildings.
    Posted 08.16.11

     Act 391 Memorandum

New Accessibility Standard Update:
Posted 09.13.11

In the 2011 Regular Session of the Louisiana Legislature, House Bill No. 536 was passed and then signed by the Governor. The new law can be viewed through the Louisiana Legislature website: http://www.legis.state.la.us/archive/11rs/11rs.htm

Prior law defined "ADAAG" as the Americans with Disabilities Act Accessibility Guidelines in effect on Sept. 1, 1994, as adopted by the US Department of Justice pursuant to the ADA. New law defines "ADA Standards" as the 2010 Americans with Disabilities Act Standards for Accessible Design as adopted by the US Department of Justice pursuant to the ADA and any subsequent amendments or additions to or editions adopted by the Department of Justice.

The Office of State Fire Marshal will begin enforcing the new Accessibility Standards beginning October 1, 2011. Free copies of the standard can be ordered from United States Access Board website: http://www.access-board.gov On the 'Home' page, look in the right hand column for 'Order Publications', click on that link and you will find an order form. You will want to order the 'ADA and ABA Accessibility Guidelines.'

dot From the Office of State Fire Marshal:
Posted 08.02.10 (rvsd March 2011)

Please note that the NFPA 101 Life Safety Code 2009 edition became effective July 1, 2010. Projects are reviewed by the Office of State Fire Marshal using the 2009 edition of the life safety code.

Code Adoption Memorandum

Louisiana Administrative Code 55:V:103/303

Blue dot Plan Review Backlog Information

dot Plan Review Process Modification
Posted 07.18.08

As of July 21, 2008: Due to the large number of plan review projects being 'held' for required additional information, the following modification to the Office of State Fire Marshal review process is as follows:

  1. Plans with significant inadequate information, that require a substantial amount of data or plan modification to accomplish a plan review, will be reviewed (at the reviewer's discretion) as a PRELIMINARY SUBMITTAL. The review will be as comprehensive as possible given the information submitted.

  2. The preliminary submittal review procedure described will replace much (but not all) of the practice of placing projects in 'HOLD' or 'NOT IN COMPLIANCE' status.

  3. Plans that are returned to the submitter as having received a PRELIMINARY REVIEW, will require re-submittal with an additional full review fee.

The following standard comment shall be placed on the above referenced plans:

NOTE: This project cannot be released for construction at this time because the plan review submittal package does not contain sufficient information to determine compliance with adopted code requirements. A RESUBMITTAL that includes appropriate information will be required in order for this office to complete a proper review.

One set of revised documents shall be returned to this office with:


dot 2006 NFPA 101 - Error/Correction (Tables 12/13.1.6)
Posted 05.20.08

Please NOTE that clarification was acquired from NFPA in January 2008 stating that the 'Footnote d' reference for Types III(200) and V(000) at LED in Tables 12/13.1.6 of the 2006 edition of NFPA 101 is incorrect; it was inadvertently added during the Code's production stage. The 2003 edition is correct. The provision will be corrected for the 2009 edition.

Plan Review Backlog Information

Plan Review Backlog Information
Posted 08.17.07 | Revised 09.18.07 | Re-Revised 03.04.08

As of Monday March 31st, the average OSFM Plan Review backlog is as indicated below:

  • ARCHITECTURAL Life Safety/ADA-AGprojects, (new construction and renovations) - 1-3 weeks

  • Architectural COMPREHENSIVE review projects, (including review for the Louisiana State Uniform Construction Code) - 8-12 weeks

  • Fire protection SPRINKLER system reviews - 2-4 weeks

  • FIRE ALARM system reviews - 3-10 days

  • Kitchen HOOD SUPPRESSION system reviews - 1-3 weeks

  • FUEL STORAGE TANK reviews - 3-10 days

Please note that this average applies to approximately 90% of plans submitted. Very large or unusual scopes of work may experience additional backlog time. This office will process all plans in the order in which they are submitted.

Building Code Review Process

Act 12 of the 2005 First Extraordinary Session will require all new construction within the state to comply with the provisions of the new State Uniform Construction Code after January 1, 2007. This legislation also permits this office, the Office of State Fire Marshal, to establish contract agreements with municipalities and parishes in order to provide code enforcement on behalf of the municipality or parish.

After January 1, 2007 this office will be providing plan review of structures excluding one-and-two family dwellings for compliance with the applicable requirements of the Louisiana State Uniform Construction Code (LSUCCC) on behalf of any parish or municipality that requests our assistance. As such, it will be necessary for each applicant to determine if the proposed structure is to be located within a parish or municipality that has contracted with this office to provide this service or if other arrangements have been made...see full memo.

Adobe Acrobat File IBC Plan Review Fee Schedule

Adobe Acrobat File 2007 Plan Review Application

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