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State Fire Marshal
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Louisiana State Fire Marshal Daniel H. Wallis

A message from the State Fire Marshal:

It is an enormous honor to serve as your State Fire Marshal. I have committed my whole career to serving my community as a member of this great state's fire service which provides an unmatched dedication to preserving life and property for every citizen, every day.

At the State Fire Marshal's Office, our focus on maintaining the highest levels of building/construction safety and fire prevention has evolved to become a central point for the business community. Our professional and proactive personnel work in local communities to ensure that fire and safety codes are met and that fires that are caused by arson, or by design, are abated. In addition, the disaster response role the State Fire Marshal's office has cultivated with its Urban Search and Rescue (USAR) program has become a nationally-recognized, specialized team of local fire departments, partnered with State Fire Marshal personnel, that is often called upon as first-in responders across Louisiana and several other states in the immediate wake of devastating hurricanes and natural disasters. As we continue to move ahead in creating a new and better Louisiana, it must be understood that your State Fire Marshal's Office will remain accessible and consistent to each and every person who calls on us for assistance.

The destructive power of fire can devastate lives and property in an instance and it does so far too often in our state. We have to work harder to educate the public about fire safety, ensure that codes and technology are employed in a fair, amicable manner, and cooperate with the professional community and local responders, including law enforcement agencies, to build collaborations and partnerships that will harness a fire safety and prevention team that will be second to none.

I enthusiastically share the vision of the Honorable Governor John Bel Edwards and Colonel Lamar Davis to come together as one and make positive, lasting change for today's Louisiana families and their futures. I commit to lead, listen, and learn as this State Fire Marshal's Office turns another page in its prestigious history as one of the best State Fire Marshal's Offices in our country. I, and my team, are here for you in protection, in peril, in preparation, in prevention, and in progress.

Yours in Safety,

Daniel H. Wallis
Fire Marshal

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This page was last modified on February 20, 2023