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General Information

Fire Service Grants

There is a wealth of information on grants and funding alternatives on the USFA website:
Fire Service Grants

The Louisiana Department of Agriculture and Forestry (LDAF) offers an annual grant opportunity as part of the U.S. Forestry Service's Volunteer Fire Assistance Grant. This grant opportunity is geared toward rural fire departments whose personnel rosters are composed of 80% or more volunteers and that serve rural communities with population counts of 10,000 or less. The grant aims to assist qualifying departments with obtaining firefighting equipment to maintain or increase firefighting capacity. The program is a "50/50" cost-share assistance grant.

To learn more about the grant's requirements and application period, visit: https://www.ldaf.state.la.us/forestry/protection/forestry-protection-programs/

pdf 2023 Grant Opportunities

Volunteer Firemen

No One Answered the Call?

Volunteers make up the vast majortity of all emergency service personnel nationwide. Over the last 10 years, that number has steadily decreased leaving our communities, your community vulnerable. If you are interested in volunteering, call (800) FIRE-LINE (1-800-3473-5463), or visit the National Volunteer Fire Council website.

Louisiana's Firefighter Proud program aims to highlight the state's fire service members and encourage joining fire service agencies, as career or volunteer firefighters, around Louisiana. Visit the "Firefighter Proud" Facebook page to learn more!

Safe Haven Law

Be advised that per this law, fire stations are designated Safe Haven locations. Find out more about your role as a Safe Haven and where to get Safe Haven materials.

(CHC 1149-CHC 1160 of the Children's Code of Louisiana)

Financial Disclosure of Fire Protection District Board Members

Pursuant to R.S. 42:1124.2.1, members of certain boards and commissions are required to disclose specific financial information.

As the Office of the State Fire Marshal and NOT an attorney, we encourage you to obtain local legal advice as it relates to your specific Board and how it has been legally established to determine if you must report.

You are encouraged to contact local legal assistance in this matter. You can also contact the Louisiana Board of Ethics at:

Physical Address:
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Mailing Address:
P.O. Box 4368
Baton Rouge, LA 70821

Phone: (225) 219-5600 | Toll Free: 1(800) 842-6630
Fax: (225) 381-7271

Fire Service Links of Interest

Louisiana Firefighter Proud

Louisiana State Firemens Association (LSFA)

Louisiana Fire Chiefs Association

Louisiana First Responders Christian Association

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