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Hood Suppression Systems

The purpose of this page is to keep you informed of changes in laws, codes, and interpretations affecting the Suppression system industry regarding Cooking and other exhaust hoods.

The primary codes affecting cooking exhaust hoods that are enforced by this state are NFPA 96, NFPA 17 and NFPA 17A.



National Fire Protection Association (NFPA)


Kitchen Exhaust Hood/Duct/Suppression System Requirements

Recommended Detail Guides


Q: The code reads that the chemical container and expellant gas assemblies shall be located where they will not be exposed to the fire. What is the minimum distance required by the Fire Marshal?

A: The State Fire Marshal's Office imposes a minimum three foot (3') separation as satisfying the intent of this code section.

Consideration may be given, on a case by case basis, to a location within the three foot (3') minimum upon the design professional's engineering judgement. However, documentation indicating that the location will not be affected by a fire within the projected equipment must be provided.

Q: I have to submit a computer room fire suppression system. Do I submit it as a Hood Suppression System?

A: All chemical suppression systems, other than hoods, shall be designated as "Sprinkler" on the application form. The fee schedule to use for these systems is the Sprinkler fee schedule in lieu of the Hood Suppression fees.

Examples include suppression for computer floors, computer rooms, paint spray booths and rooms, and special industrial applications like electrical data switching rooms or any type of "total flooding system", as defined in NFPA 17.

This page was last modified on March 30, 2023