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Fire Protection/Sprinkler System Impairment Forms

Impairment and Written Notification Procedures

This memo is to reiterate the requirements and procedures for sending written notification to this office when fire protection or sprinkler systems are red tagged due to impairments. A system shall be red tagged whenever the system is impaired to the point that life safety is at risk or to the point that the automatic or manual discharge system will be prevented from functioning as intended or where life safety is in imminent danger. Written notice shall be made to the owner and to the Office of the State Fire Marshal Inspection Section by the contractor as soon as is practically possible but shall not exceed two working days after the impairment is discovered. Additionally, when a system which has been yellow tagged and the deficiencies are not corrected within sixty (60) days, the contractor is also required to notify, in writing, the Office of the State Fire Marshal Inspection Section. Upon the receipt of an impairment notice, this office or a local fire prevention bureau will conduct an inspection to ensure that the system is functioning properly and the necessary repairs are made.

The following are the specific procedures for contractors to use when notifying this office of impaired systems:

  1. Submit a completed Impairment Notification form (copy enclosed) within two working days upon the red tagging of a fire protection or sprinkler system. This form must be completed and submitted for all impairment notifications.

  2. Attach a copy of the firm's Inspection or Service report to the Impairment Notification form.

  3. Send all documents to the Office of the State Fire Marshal's Inspection Section. Documents can be mailed to 8181 Independence Blvd., Baton Rouge, LA 70806 or can be faxed to 225-925-4520.

  4. Non-deficient reports are not to be sent to this office unless specifically requested.

  5. Refusals of inspection by a building owner does not equate to a red tag condition and therefore, do not need to be reported to this office.

  6. Systems which are currently being installed but are not completed need not be reported to this office.

  7. Impairment notification forms shall not be used for a yellow tag condition unless 60 days has expired since the tag was placed on the system and the deficiencies have not been corrected.

Click here for a printable version of these procedures.

Impairment Notification Form
Updated 10.10.16

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