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Louisiana Fire Incident Reporting System (LFIRS)

A Part of the National Fire Incident Reporting System (NFIRS)

This section of the Louisiana State Fire Marshal's office collects and maintains data submitted from Louisiana fire departments and compiles statistics on all incidents to which a fire department responds in an effort to determine the impact of these incidents, especially fire incidents, on the lives of our citizens and property in Louisiana. LFIRS (NFIRS) is the program through which this data is collected.

In addition, by collecting data on both fire and non-fire response efforts of our fire departments, we can identify personnel, equipment, and training needs of our fire service and document the full impact our fire service has in our communities.

The LFIRS State Program Manager is Willie Parker. If you have questions or need assistance regarding LFIRS reporting, please contact Willie at the State Fire Marshal's office:

8181 Independence Blvd.
Baton Rouge, LA 70806
(800) 256-5452
(225) 925-4911

Email incident data files to osfm.LFIRS@la.gov. (If you are using the NFIRS website online, your incidents are automatically recorded in the State/National database.) Do not send LFIRS reports directly to Willie Parker.

NFIR$/LFIR$ Updates

Below are reports extracted from the State/National database. These reports will be ran April 1 of each year for the prior year's numbers and uploaded to the website as soon as possible.

Note: These reports are not "real time". The date the report was generated is located in the bottom right hand corner of each page of the posted reports. Data submitted after this date will not appear until the next time the report is generated.

Summary by Incident Type
The Summary By Incident Type report summarizes Incident frequency information by Incident Type
Last Update: 03/15/2022

2021 Monthly Incident Count by Fire Department
The Monthly Incident Count report shows the number of Incidents (Count), Exposures, Aid Given and No Activity reports for each month of a calendar year for each FDID. To arrive at a total count of reports recorded per month for a department, add the Count, Exposure, Aid Given and No Activity figures.
Last Update: 03/15/2022

Monthly Incident Counts - Last 3 years

2020 Monthly Incident Count by Fire Department
Last Update: 08/07/2020

2019 Monthly Incident Count by Fire Department
Last Update: 08/07/2020

2018 Monthly Incident Count by Fire Department
Last Update: 08/07/2020

Note: For help in understanding The Monthly Incident Count reports, please view the attached explanation by clicking on the image below:

The Monthly Incident Count reports show ALL departments deemed "active" in the NFIRS/LFIRS database whether or not the department is participating. To be considered participating/reporting consistently, a department should show a count in at least one category for each month of the year.

Should your department experience a month in which there were no response calls, a "No Activity" report must be recorded for that month. Refer to question 6 on the FAQ page or contact the LFIRS State Program Manager for assistance.

This page was last updated on March 11, 2024