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TO: Plan Review Staff, Inspections, Licensing Division and Fire Alarm Contractors

FROM: Jerry W. Jones, Deputy Assistant Secretary/Chief Architect

RE: Use of the Fire Alarm Exemption Request Form for Replacement of Fire Alarm Panels

DATE: March 4, 1998

Please be advised that effective immediately, the State Fire Marshal’s Office shall allow the fire alarm exemption request form to be used for the replacement of existing inadequate fire alarm panels (obsolete, lightning damage, etc.). If the non-functioning panel is being replaced by the same panel, then please document that information on the exemption form under "Description of Work". If, however, the non-functioning panel is being replaced by a different make or model number panel, then it is the responsibility of the owner and contractor to provide the necessary information to this office to determine that the new panel will function properly with the existing fire alarm system. The non- functioning panel shall be replaced with a panel listed with the same signaling system and supervisory functions (i.e. panel listed for a central station cannot be replaced by a panel listed for remote station.) If the existing fire alarm system and the smoke detectors are two-wire, then provide the compatibility information on the replacement panel and the smoke detectors.

This policy change will cut down on the needless bureaucracy to help ensure safe buildings.

Remember, the exemption request process is a request to allow modifications without submission of formal plans, specifications (shop drawings) or design documents pursuant to LRS 40:1737B. It is a QUESTION. Where we feel the work will not adversely impact the performance of the system and we feel that we have been provided the sufficient information to allow the work to proceed without a formal review, we will grant the request; if not, the request for exemption will be denied.


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