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SFM Disaster Recovery Information

This page is provided as a resource for information, memos, press releases, etc. issued by the Louisiana State Fire Marshal due or pertaining to disasters in Louisiana and the nation.
Here you will find State Fire Marshal documentation directly relating to the disaster, as well as helpful links and files from other government or relevant agencies.


Red Dot Message from the Fire Marshal
pdf Louisiana State Fire Marshal Urges Generator Safety 
Issued: 08.28.12

Red Dot Fire Department Directory
This is the Louisiana Directory of Fire Service Organizations
Louisiana State Fire Marshal Fire Department Directory


Red Dot Inspections - Hurricane Memos
In the event that a required fire alarm/sprinkler system is determined to be not in working order for more than (4) four hours in a (24) twenty hour period or is not installed, the following actions shall be taken by the facility or the building shall be vacated.
Adobe Acrobat File Requirements for Temporary Fire Watch


Red Dot Plan Review –Hurricane Memos
Due to hurricane aftermath, the protocol in this document shall be required for all buildings containing building fire alarm and/or sprinkler systems.
Adobe Acrobat File Interim Protocol Regarding Buildings with Code Required Non-Working Fire Alarm and/or Code Required Non-Working Sprinkler Systems - AUGUST 28 2012
Updated 08.31.12

Refer to the memo below for emergency procedures for buildings affected by a hurricane that fall into the categories of minor or major cleanup only or repairs not affecting structure or exiting, major renovations affecting exiting or life safety, or state licensed facilities (daycare, residential board & care, assisted living, schools).

This memo also refers to replacement of damaged or lost fire alarms, automatic sprinkler systems, and hood suppression systems due to Hurricane Isaac. Emergency procedures for processing these plans are outlined in the following memo. The memo is in PDF format.
Adobe Acrobat File Emergency Procedures for Replacement of Systems and Temporary Occupancy - AUGUST 28 2012

Post hurricane emergency commercial building repairs requiring Fire Marshal Plan Review will be processed promptly. Minor scopes of work such as water damaged interior finishes, roof replacement, or repairs may be processed with the Building Modification Form Exemption from full plan review.  Major Building Reconstruction scopes of work will require a full plan review and may require compliance with new code requirements.  Contact Don Zeringue for assistance.  Inspections will also be expedited as necessary.

Red Dot For Owners/Operators of Boilers in Hurricane Affected Areas:
This information is for all owners and/or operators of boilers and water heaters. These are in PDF format.
Recovering Boilers After a Flood
Issued: 08.31.12


Red Dot Safety Warnings from CPSC:
Here are a few informative files from the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention about safety in the home and returning to your home safely after a hurricane. Please take the time to read these files, and pass them along to others. These are in PDF format.
Adobe Acrobat File Carbon Monoxide Warning - Protect Yourself and Your Family from Carbon Monoxide Poisoning
You may also view this same file in Spanish.
Adobe Acrobat File Carbon Monoxide Hazard - Fumes Can Be Harmful or Fatal
Adobe Acrobat File CPSC, ESFI Warn Flood Victims About the Dangers of Mixing Water and Electricity
Adobe Acrobat File Keep Food & Water Safe After a Natural Disaster or Power Outage


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